Security Concerns

What does “No Logging of your DPN” mean?

Deeper Connect devices offer a truly decentralized private network with no centralized servers keeping logs. The information can only be accessed by users through AtomOS with their passwords. Even if the device is stolen physically, no one will be able to access it without the password.

If someone else used my IP address and did something illegal, could my ISP trace this activity and blame me?

Deeper Connect Mini has a 7-layer firewall and is capable of deep packet inspections. Malicious actors on the network will be stopped by the distributed firewall. This is actually a unique advantage of our decentralized network compared to others. We believe security to be an indispensable prerequisite to a sharing network.

If such cases do occur there are a couple of ways the Deeper devices can help rid you of liability. The port used for sharing connections and the port used for your personal connection are separate and can be distinguished. The devices keep internal logs to show that you were not the one accessing the content and in an upcoming update these logs will be easier to access and searchable. Additionally, further fine tuned controls will be coming to allow users more control over what content can pass through their device, even more than what is currently available.

However, for those who want further control there are options to refuse certain protocols or even disable bandwidth sharing entirely. These controls can be found on the Sharing Config page:

pageSharing Config

How can I prevent other users from using my IP address to do illegal activities?

Users have the option to share their bandwidth or not. Deeper Connect devices can recognize most internet protocols; users can choose to deny the dangerous ones. The devices can distinguish user's own connections and sharing connections. If you didn't do something deemed illegal, the device can prove it.

If someone is using my IP to download torrent content that was monitored by an Internet Services Provider, will the ISP go after me? Can Deeper Connect hide my IP address?

Users have the option to reject dangerous connections such as torrents. Deeper devices use a transparent mode, it only accepts connections from other Deeper Connect devices, so there should not be any DDOS concerns.

What if I switch off bandwidth sharing, will the AtomOS still get updated?

Whether you switch off your bandwidth sharing or not, your AtomOS will automatically upgrade to a new version whenever it’s available for free.

Is the product 100% data leak-proof? Does it interrupt data if it leaks or does it simply not happen?

Our product is very safe and secure, but nobody has the ultimate answer to 100% security. We believe security is a dynamic process that has to be continuously upgraded to keep up with the new challenges.

What is the mechanism that protects users from becoming an exit node?

Users can disable some P2P protocols to prevent other nodes from using its bandwidth to download unauthorized content. We use source portals and deep packet inspection to distinguish different types of traffic.

Can I or Deeper Network find out who misused my device?

You cannot identify other people's logs. You can only access yours. The network is not centralized. Your device can prove that it wasn't you, but it cannot reveal who made it, as the other traffic is insulated and not accessible to other Deeper Connect users.

Does this product have any positive impact over browser finger-printing?

Yes, one of the main purposes of our device is to give you a high degree of anonymity on the web.

Does this product have any positive impact over browser finger-printing?

Yes, one of the main purposes of our device is to give you a high degree of anonymity on the web.

Do the Deeper Connect devices support bit torrent?

Deeper Network provides some cloud DPN nodes, which allow all kinds of traffic, and you will be able to torrent through the cloud nodes.

Can Deeper Connect devices allow you to download Torrents anonymously and safely?

Each user that shares bandwidth has the option to block torrents since they may be illegal in some countries. Other users may allow it if they are comfortable, therefore, there are some nodes that will allow torrent traffic.

Does this product preclude the need for Anti-Virus software?

It is recommended to still use anti-virus software. Deeper Connect is not an anti-virus product.

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