DPR and Mining

Can I add to my initial staked amount?

During the staking period, stakers can stake more DPR if they wish; once the staking period is closed, stakers will be unable to stake more. To add to the staked amount, stakers stake the DPR difference to the tier they would like to become. Do not restake the entire amount of DPR needed for the new tier.

Can I decide to stake less after my initial staking?

No, you can only add more.

What is the definition of an “online” device? What is the grace period for not being online?

The device must be switched on all the time and it has a grace offline period of 3 days before credit points are deducted.

  • 1 credit point will be deducted if the device is not contributing bandwidth to the network for 3 consecutive days.

  • 2 credit points will be deducted if the device is not contributing bandwidth to the network for 6 consecutive days.

  • 2 credit points will be deducted every 3 days if the device is not contributing bandwidth to the network for more than 6 days. This continues until all credit points have been deducted.

How do I get DPR token rewards by sharing my bandwidth?

Users can grow their credit score organically when contributing their bandwidth to the network. The organic credit score can be grown by 1 credit point when users share at least 10MB of uploaded bandwidth over 2 consecutive days. A maximum of 1 credit point can be earned over this period of time regardless of how much bandwidth over 10MB the user shares.

How can I increase my credit score?

  1. Accumulate credit score for up to 800 points starting from 0 simply by sharing your bandwidth.

  2. Stake a certain amount of DPR according to the current staking rules.

When my nine-month staking period matures, will my credit score remain the same as the original stake?

No, it won’t be the same. When the nine-month staking period matures, the credit score you staked will return to 0. On the other hand, the organic credit points earned over those 9 months for contributing to the network will remain. If you would like to continue to participate after nine months, you will need to :

  • Re-stake the same amount of DPRs if you want the same credit scores as before.

  • During the staking period, you can add the amount to stake to upgrade your tier and credit scores.

The total credit score is calculated according to the new staking tier’s credit score and the sum of bandwidth sharing credit scores.

Can I renew my staked smart contract after it matures?

Yes, you can. The staking platform will ask users if they wish to restake before 9-months is up. If the user chooses to renew, the new smart contract will begin. If users do not choose to restake, their DPR will be unstaked and distributed linearly (daily) over a 3 month period and claimable via our website link.

Can I bind my Deeper Chain wallet address with multiple devices at the same time?

No, you cannot. A device can only be bound to one wallet address.

Can I still earn the APR reward if I go offline after completing my staking?

Yes, you can as long as you remain connected to the network. You can also earn additional organic credit points by sharing your bandwidth. However, if you’re offline for 3 consecutive days, on the fourth day, 1 credit point will be deducted.

What if I live in a small country and nobody wants to use my shared bandwidth? Does it mean that I will get less rewards than others?

It’s inevitable that different countries will have different demands in terms of connections, however, the difference will not be overly substantial. This is because the Deeper Network will take different measures to compensate for this imbalance. For instance, if a user cares about his/hers mining rewards, he/she will have the option to stake more DPRs to increase his/her credit score. Moreover, we will add other options to the Deeper Network ecosystem so that users have the option to increase their credit scores. For example, users may be able to grow their credit scores by browsing Deeper Network’ advertisements.

Why is my DPR decreasing?

The Deeper Network blockchain needs to check if a device is online and sharing several times a day. Since this is a blockchain transaction, this costs a minimal amount of DPR as a transaction fee. This will show up as a small decrease of about 0.003 DPR. Additionally, microtransactions can decrease your DPR when using the DPN feature. Each active tunnel being used requires holding 0.2 DPR in order to pay for the used bandwidth. This will be returned to the wallet if no bandwidth is used, otherwise the cost is 0.001 DPR per 1 GB of data.

Will using the DPN feature affect my mining or do I need to use DPN in order to earn rewards?

The DPN feature of the device is optional and not necessary in order to share bandwidth and earn rewards. You can use the feature whenever you want to obfuscate your IP address or access content in another country but the current DPN mode will have no effect on your sharing or mining rewards.

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