Why would I need an enterprise level security device? For most PCs, and laptops, isn’t it enough to have antivirus protection software or the security system provided by Windows or MacOS?

Enterprise level security will guarantee a secure network that protects all devices in your network at home or office, particularly IoT devices that are normally overlooked.

What technologies or layers of security are you using that make Deeper Connect an enterprise level security device?

Deeper Connect is equipped with a 7-Layer firewall with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) including support for Parental Controls and Whitelisting / Blacklisting domains. If you want more information on this amazing security solution you can read the whitepaper here:

How does the device handle new rule deployments and port forwarding on the router?

The Deeper devices do not perform any port forwarding or blocking by themselves. These changes are left to the router and the device should still function if a port needs to be forwarded or a new rule is added by the router.

How do you prevent spam and google bots? Otherwise, this could result in many of the IPs being banned.

Deeper Connect products offer a 7 layer firewall cybersecurity solution and are capable of blocking illegal activities.

Some websites require cookies to function. Is a Deeper Connect device able to block cookies or malicious software or ads?

We don't block normal cookies, users have options to turn on the functionality.

How can I set up parental control on the devices in my network?

Users can enable parental controls to manage Internet content and assign proper access levels to each family member through URL filtering functionality.

Will it block YouTube ads?

Currently Deeper Connect does not block embedded video ads but this feature will be introduced in a future firmware update.

What is a Decentralized Private Network (DPN)?

DPN is not VPN, it will not put all your traffic into a single tunnel. DPN is a peer-to-peer decentralized bandwidth sharing network for bypassing censorship and ensuring privacy. The network has no centralized servers with each node operator being both a client and a server. Traffic will be routed through multiple tunnels to nodes across the world according to what content the user wishes to access.

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