Add Rule

Here's an example of adding a rule:

  • Part 1: Enter the domain on which you want the rule to be applied. The domain must be included as it is a part of the pattern, and the rule will only be effective for domains that match this pattern.

  • Part 2: Enter the pattern that will be checked to determine which URLs the rule should apply to. You can use regular expressions to form this pattern to allow for flexibility in searching.

  • Part 3: Enter the pattern type, which currently only supports URL patterns.

  • Part 4: For redirection only, enter the rewrite pattern, which is a part of the pattern and will override the corresponding content in the rewrite information.

  • Part 5: For redirection only, enter the rewrite information, which is the text that will replace the matched content based on the rewrite pattern.

  • Part 6: Select the action type that will be performed using the pattern. Currently, only redirection/rewrite and denial are supported. Various options change the return code received by the browser.

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