Which OS does your device run?

It runs AtomOS, the world’s first lock-free operating system, designed exclusively to run on Deeper Connect. Those with a curious heart will find deep technical details in our whitepaper:

How do I access AtomOS?

Once you have successfully set up the device, please go to the link for AtomOS at or The default login user name and password for each device is “admin”. Once you login, you will be able to find all our services and settings.

How can I reset my password for AtomOS?

You can contact our support specialists on Zendesk to reset your password through our chat bot or by submitting a request:

By using AtomOS (only with a laptop), will it be possible to create a secure environment for my tablet and phone?

AtomOS will be released for laptops in the future. It will allow remote use with your tablet and phone. Right now it is only available on the hardware device.

How is AtomOS different from other systems?

All Deeper Connect devices run AtomOS, the world’s first lock-free network operating system developed by Deeper Network. It is characterized by high reliability, high performance, and high scalability allowing for fast network speeds (up to 1 Gbps) and enabling all the amazing features of the Deeper Connect devices.

What does it mean by download and install AtomOS, do we install it on our laptops?

Downloading AtomOS and being able to connect remotely is an option that will be available in the near future, for now it is only possible through our devices.

What protocol does Deeper Connect use?

Deeper Network and all its devices use a customized protocol called Trident Protocol (TCP). This is a decentralized shared communication protocol based on blockchain technology. It uses network technologies such as intranet penetration, data encryption, protocol camouflage, and tunnel layer congestion control, that prevents data from being identified, filtered or tampered with during transmission. Its congestion control algorithm is based on active detection of bandwidth and delay. The algorithm can maximize the use of network bandwidth and reduce delays in the data packet transmission process.

Is it a locked device or is there a user interface?

There is a user interface to control some functions, like data sharing, adult content, ad and malware blocking etc. Additionally, all settings related to the DPN and other functionality are available in the interface which is accessible through a web browser by typing in or into the URL bar.

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