The home page displays all the operational information of DeeperConnect.

Global Connections: This section displays the location where the DeeperConnect device is currently connected. The green connection lines represent how many other Deeper nodes are simultaneously connected to the DeeperConnect device. The blue connection lines represent how many Deeper nodes are connected to the DeeperConnect device.

Section 2: Icons display the real-time memory usage and CPU usage.

Section 3: This section displays the DPN mode being used by the DeeperConnect device and some system log information.

Section 4: This section displays real-time traffic usage, including upload and download traffic, as well as real-time traffic usage for specific websites and domains.

Section 5: This section displays the total runtime of AtomOS since power-up, as well as the total upload and download traffic of all network data processed by AtomOS during that time (including local traffic, shared traffic, and DPN usage traffic).

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