Bandwidth Sharing

Does “bandwidth sharing” mean that I share my internet?

No. Bandwidth sharing means that your bandwidth is split among users and devices. The bandwidth you purchased is solely for your own use. You might not use it all every day. So you can share your bandwidth (upload speed to be specific) with others as this is a Peer to Peer network. Your connection speed is not affected by other users.

When sharing my bandwidth, will my internet speed get slower?

No, your Internet speed will not slow down because you are just sharing your bandwidth.

Can I adjust the amount of download and upload speed that I want to share?

We plan to add a QoS function to limit the sharing speed and increase the priority of your Internet speed.

What if I chose not to share my bandwidth?

You can definitely turn off the sharing feature if you don’t want to share anytime. However, the advantage of sharing is that you can earn money from it. The more you share, the more DPR token rewards you will mine. After mining the DPR tokens, you can transfer it to the centralized exchange and trade for actual money. It’s FREE, easily earned money for you, why would you want to skip it, and you use the internet daily anyway. In addition, you can set up what time and how much bandwidth you want to share.

If I disable bandwidth sharing, can I enjoy the sharing from other nodes?

Yes, you still can.

If I have this running 24/7 as intended and I contribute an equal amount of bandwidth to the network that I use. Then in terms of my monthly usage with my provider, will I consume twice as much data I normally would have?

The exact amount that will be consumed all depends on how much your node is used by others. However, in order to control what you share, you can set a limit of how much bandwidth you want to share through the bandwidth sharing controls in AtomOS.

Is it possible to select my Deeper Connect Mini to be my dedicated shared connection for my Deeper Connect Nano when traveling or out of my home? Also, can I only share my connections between the Mini and Nano devices?

Currently, Deeper Connect devices cannot designate sharing connections to a specific device. The bandwidth sharing configuration currently allows users to turn on and off the sharing feature, as well as setting a limit on shared bandwidth. Our development team is looking into a solution for a designated connection feature.

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