Can Deeper Connect be effectively implemented in a network that utilizes Google nest Wi-Fi mesh networking within a home?

Deeper Connect Mini connects in line with an ethernet cable, so if you connect it before your Google Nest Wi-Fi Mesh it should work just fine.

Can Deeper Connect be used with a portable modem like the Netgear 4G modem?

Netgear 4G would have to have an extra ethernet cable connection in order to work. Then you can connect the device after the modem and the other end directly into a PC or another router.

Will Deeper Connect work with Altice One?

Yes, but you need an Ethernet cable to connect to your All-in-One Altice One router.

Will a Dlink modem work or do I need to get a router as well?

You need another router to connect the Deeper device between Dlink and a router because the Deeper devices do not provide Wi-Fi yet.

I am using a Fiber Network. If my setup is Fiber Terminal β†’ Optical Network Terminal (ONT) β†’ Deeper Connect Mini β†’ Asus Router β†’ Other Devices through LAN and WIFI. Can this work?

Yes, it will work as long as your ONT and Asus Router are connected by an Ethernet cable. Deeper Connect devices will connect inline with Ethernet cables between your ONT and your Wi-Fi router, it can protect your home network.

If I use a 4g+ mobile hotspot as a Wi-Fi router, how can I use your device to distribute traffic over the air?

Currently, both Deeper Connect Mini and Nano cannot distribute Wi-Fi. Therefore, you will need another Wi-Fi router so the Deeper device can be set up in between with Ethernet. There will be two options for integrated Wi-Fi in the near future:
Wi-Fi dongle adaptor to plug in Deeper Connect devices.
Deeper Connect Pico is designed to have Wi-Fi support.

I have an all in one Xfinity, do I need another router?

Yes, you do need another router to connect after the Deeper device for Wi-Fi.
Last modified 4mo ago