HTTPS Ads Filter

The HTTPS Ads Filter intercepts and blocks deep-level ads in network data. By default, it is in the disabled state, and the page only displays the supported blocking applications or websites list.

Once enabled, the installation guide for the certificate will be immediately displayed.

Please install the corresponding certificate based on your operating system. If you want to enable blocking on multiple terminal devices simultaneously, you need to install the certificate on each terminal device.

Note: Please click the "View" button below the prompt to carefully read the instructions on how to disable DoH. Otherwise, the DNS Ads Filter may fail to block ads effectively.

SSL Bypass function introduction: The Filter function needs to install a certificate to take effect. When multiple devices in the local area network are connected to Deeper at the same time, but only one of the devices needs to be filtered (the certificate has been installed), and the other devices do not have the filtering requirement (the certificate is not installed), you can enable SSL Bypass, so that the filtering will ignore these devices that do not need to be intercepted.

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