establish tunnels to different countries

The tunnels page is used to create and delete tunnels, as well as list the available nodes within the created tunnels. It provides the ability to switch and refresh tunnel nodes.

Note: A maximum of 18 tunnels can be simultaneously established for different countries or regions, with each tunnel supporting up to 3 connected nodes.

When creating a new tunnel, you need to select the region and country in sequence, then click "ADD" after making the selection.

To delete one or multiple tunnels, select the tunnels to be operated on and click "DEL" to complete the deletion.

Tips for daily use of tunnels:

  • If you experience slow speeds on a specific tunnel, you can click "Switch Node" within that tunnel and wait for 3-5 seconds to complete the switch. Note: After the node switch, the browser may require some time to automatically use the new tunnel IP.

  • If you are using a tunnel and are unsatisfied with the currently connected nodes, you can click "Refresh" to replace all nodes within that tunnel. Note: When there are less than 2 nodes, the node cannot be switched, and the tunnel needs to be refreshed to find a new node

  • If you encounter a prompt that the tunnel is being used, please check whether the config is manually added in the Routing and whether the tunnel of the country is being used in the App Relocator

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