rustdesk is a remote control software. For more information, please refer to rustdesk official website.

The rustdesk in AtomOS is the server, which can be used to provide ID relay service for the customer service.

In the future, with more and more rustdesk users, Deeper users with public IPs can provide this service to rustdesk users.

For more details about RustDesk introduction and usage, please read:


The RustDesk service is initially disabled, and users need to manually enable it. Once enabled, the public key will be displayed.

Wieguard VPN is a support provided by Deeper Network for users with non-public IP addresses to use the RustDesk service. It is disabled by default.

When enabled, you can configure the ID/Relay service provided by Deeper Connect in the RustDesk client on your terminal device.


The log page displays some information about the operation of the RustDesk service.

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